From Tissamaharama, visitors can follow the B422 to Kirinda, a journey of some ten kilometres.  Upon arriving and having visited the Kirinda Rajamaha Viharaya, visitors can explore a long artificial pier made of boulders.

Beside this pier is an ideal corner to have a sea bath. A number of stalls selling snacks and tourist knick-knacks are complemented by basic changing facilities.

The view from the pier especially at sunset, is sublime and inspiring as you realize that between Kirinda and the South Pole, there is no other land mass!

The Beach area is suitable for swimming but always ask first. During weekends and holidays groups of locals can be seen enjoying here.

Some comment that it was along these very shores that Princess Viharamahadevi the eldest daughter of King Devanampiyatissa was brought to shore by a tsunami.

Today, the Kirinda Temple is said to stand on the exact location where the princess was welcomed and a statue of the later queen can be seen here. The Muhudu Maha Viharaya and Magaul Maduwa temples along the East coast are also linked to her.

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